California’s capital city is a hub for innovative and state-of-the-art health care, with people from all over the globe coming to Sacramento for medical treatment. The area also boasts world-class educational facilities and a wide range of opportunities for those in the fields of medicine and patient care.

Sally Lane is happy to work in Sacramento’s health care network. A registered nurse (RN), Lane has 27 years of experience in departments including medical telemetry, diabetes care, and labor and delivery. Although Lane has been an RN in facilities from Stockton to Long Beach, she says her goal was always to work in one of Sacramento’s exemplary hospitals or health programs.

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Sally Lane (credit: Valerie Heimerich)

Sally Lane (credit: Valerie Heimerich)

Healthgrades, a national company that rates and reviews health care providers, consistently awards high marks to Sacramento hospitals. Mercy General Hospital, Sutter General Hospital and Sutter Memorial have been named as being in the top five percent of facilities in the country for clinical excellence.

Lane currently works at Methodist Hospital near Elk Grove and at Marshall Hospital in the Sierra Foothills. Lane says she particularly enjoys the small community feel of Marshall, and how much the organization appreciates their nurses.

In fact, the hospital’s Marshall Foundation has an Honor A Nurse program that provides educational scholarships for nurses. Patients and other donors can participate in formally recognizing and rewarding the excellent nursing care they have received.

Becoming a registered nurse in California requires several steps, beginning with completing the requisite education. A two-year associate’s degree in nursing is needed at minimum, and then a background check and passing grade on a national licensing exam are required.

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More advanced education, like Lane’s four-year bachelor of science degree in nursing, can help nurses qualify for work in additional types of facilities.

Lane says Sacramento is a good area for nurses. There are many opportunities for continuing education and experience at health fairs, symposiums and other community events.

Sacramento’s central location makes it easier to travel for jobs and education in outlying areas, she notes. Sacramento’s diversity makes it possible to find nursing work in rural, suburban and urban facilities depending on one’s preference.

In addition to roles in traditional hospital settings and doctors’ offices, the Sacramento region offers a wide range of opportunities including hospice programs and skilled nursing and elder care facilities.

The Board of Registered Nursing in Sacramento is a regulatory and licensing bureau within the California Department of Consumer Affairs. Information about nursing careers and education are available, and the board hires nursing education consultants that look into the requirements and curriculum of nursing schools.

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