The day begins with a story out of Springfield, MO, in which a DJ got outed for claiming to be a special forces corporal in the military. Don plays a clip of the guy that outed him, describing how he figured out the guy was lying, and then confronting him about it. After the guys do some research, they find that the DJ was actually the program director! Don calls up the station to have a little fun with them, and then plays clips of the DJ’s lousy radio show. We also hear Don’s story about the Great Blizzard of ’78 in Rhode Island, and how it affected his decision to work in Providence, and ditch out on his gig in Miami.

After hearing about a website called “,” that has I.Q. tests for dogs, (Don wants to test Craig with it), and Don reads his “God Made A Meth Farmer,” a parody of the Dodge ad that aired during the Super Bowl, we hear songs from Dennis Murphy’s musical CD “One Hand, One Heart,” and Don calls Dennis to talk about him coming out to Reno for the Bunny Ranch show next week. We then get a visit from our good friend, Hall Of Famer Ronnie Lott. Ronnie talks about giving out free Jello in San Francisco on Monday, his take on the Super Bowl, and the lack of creativity by the 49ers on that last drive, and Obama’s comments on the dangers of football, and what steps should be taken to make the game safer.

After Ronnie, Don reads a list of which celebrities are the best and worst lays, and then it’s time for another Phone Scan. we also hear Tiffani Thiessen’s awkward moment with Mr. Belding on the “Today” show, and that Ron Jeremy is doing much better after his heart aneurysm. We also see a news video on MMA cage fighting for 6 year olds, before it’s time for the “Phantom News.” Today, Nick Kroll will be on “Parks & Rec” tonight, a Duke University suspended for its “Racist Rager,” the “Best/Worst Grammy Nominations Of All Time,” and Marilyn Manson collapses onstage. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!