The Sacramento Business Journal reports that the average full-time annual pay for working Sacramento residents is more than $52,000, but there are also a number of local jobs which offer much more substantial financial rewards upon being hired. Read on for details about some lucrative positions in the capital city, and if you are already in one of them, celebrate by picking up the tab at dinner tonight with your friends.

Insurance Agent

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Jokes about annoyingly persistent insurance agents aside, the determination of agents is understandable. The rewards are lucrative for people who can successfully handle a base of customers for insurance services. One recent ad in Sacramento offered a minimum start-up bonus of $30,000 and an annual potential salary of $50,000-$160,000. Specific education or experience is not always defined, but personality and business acumen are important characteristics.


For those with a penchant for working high above or well below ground, a lineman career might be just the ticket. According to a Sacramento Bee report for 2011, lineman repairing and installing electrical systems for PG&E can earn up to $159,000 per year. Starting rates can be up to $49.92 per hour, not including benefits and perks. Strong math skills and passage of written and performance exams are required, and the work itself can be very challenging and potentially dangerous.

Labor Relations Officer  

Many governmental agencies and private companies with union workforces in Sacramento need labor relations staff members on all levels, including assistants and consultants. The City of Sacramento does continuous recruitment for labor relations officers, with an annual starting salary of $61,000-$92,000.

Human Resources Manager

Having a master’s degree is generally preferred and human resources managers need extensive experience in areas such as employee management and workforce planning to do the job. Recent Sacramento private sector candidates have been offered between $80,000-$100,000 and some in the public sector can earn even more. In 2012, the City of Sacramento’s human resource director earned $147,788 for the year, with nearly $24,000 more in benefits and perks.


Legal eagles in Sacramento have many potential types of law careers to pursue as long as they have a law degree and are admitted to the state bar association. Extensive experience in the field is also required to earn a starting salary of $90,000-$100,000 as corporate counsel for a private company. A principal criminal attorney for Sacramento City earned more than $157,000 in 2012.

Senior Business Systems Analyst  

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Qualified candidates for this job in Sacramento can expect to start at around $94,000 a year plus benefits. A bachelor’s degree and vast I.T. experience are required for the senior analyst role, which includes doing everything needed to manage, repair and improve the processes that make a business operate and remain competitive.


Pediatricians provide medical care to children and may also perform labor and delivery services to woman. The expense of getting a medical degree might become easier to swallow when the expected remuneration is high, such as $150,000-$175,000 base starting pay for private practice pediatricians in Sacramento. Benefits may include bonuses and free lollipops from the jar at the front desk.


Interpreters are needed in virtually every type of business within Sacramento’s diverse community. The Superior Court of California hires people that speak languages including Tagalog, Russian and Cantonese and who have valid Certified Court Interpreter certificates. Although generally part-time, the starting pay can be up to $35.15 per hour. Sign language interpreters are sought after for both governmental and private positions; 2013 job announcements in Sacramento included part-time SLI jobs earning up to $60 per hour.

Chief Probation Officer

The job of a CPO is challenging and requires someone very diplomatic, strong and politically savvy. The chief is responsible for the complex functions of Sacramento County’s adult and juvenile probation operations. A master’s degree is desired, as is extensive experience at a high level of management within a similar department. The starting salary range is $168,000-$186,000 a year.

Non-Profit Executive Director

Most charities hope for candidates with master’s degrees and significant experience in their particular field. Recent salary research from Charity Navigator reports the executive directors of Sacramento’s Ronald McDonald House Charities and Make-A-Wish-Foundation earn $90,000 and $80,000 respectively. Rick Johnson of the non-profit Sacramento SPCA was paid more than $141,000 plus benefits for 2010.

Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
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