A Sacramento man was woken up to the sound of a car crashing into a pillar on the front of his home. The alleged driver was caught, cuffed and arrested by police.

“Smash, crunch and the sound of a little breaking glass,” said homeowner Dennis Petrie describing the sound of the crash.

Police say 27-year-old Andrew Olivares hopped the curb, destroyed the home’s utility box and took out a brick pillar with his car.

“It scares you,” said neighbor Harvey Delano.

Olivares had an alcohol level of twice the legal limit.

“[I] took a look outside the upstairs window and saw the back end of the car coming off the front porch,” said Petrie.

Petrie says he raced downstairs and found Olivares a little dazed and still in his car.

“I just asked him if he was OK and he said he was, then began to check to see if he was alright, then checked the car out,” said Petrie

Petrie says Olivares then apologized several times before police arrived.

“I would have imagined if the pillar wasn’t there, then we would be doing this interview maybe from inside my new front door,” said Petrie.

Neighbors were in disbelief after looking at the destruction.

“When it happens it happens, but you got to face what we need to do as a neighborhood to help each other,” said Delano.

According to the Sacramento Police Department, Olivares faces multiple charges.


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