DAVIS, Calif. (CBS13) – Davis residents are raising a stink tonight over the lack of laundromats in their city. So many people have complained that the city is considering getting involved. They may offer incentives for a new laundromat to open.

Ask Ryan Sommers how he likes doing laundry and you’ll get the typical college dude response.

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“It’s definitely is kind of a hassle,” said Ryan.

That’s because as he folds his clothes he shakes his head at how many laundromats have folded in his downtown Davis neighborhood.

“It is kind of shocking there’s only one laundromat in a college town,” said Ryan.

Shocking but true. Call it Davis’ dirty little secret. A spin cycle surprise. In the last few months three of the four laundromats in the city have closed up shop.

The Laundry Lounge is the sole survivor.

“I think there were definitely a lot of upset people and we did our best to try and draw them in,” said Dina Connor, owner of the Laundry Lounge.

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Connor extended their hours and offered newer equipment. But getting to the only laundromat in town for some can be as frustrating as a missing sock.

“it is really difficult,” said one patron.

Now the city of Davis is thinking about offering help to anyone willing to open up a new laundromat. The owners of the Laundry Lounge say that’s a bad idea for obvious reasons. They tell CBS13 they’re thinking about offering a new service.

“Our laundry taxi idea would actually pick up the laundry your gonna do yourself, we’ll bring it here and then you’d find a way to get here, but you don’t have to schlep your laundry,” said Connor.

Ryan likes the no schlepping part:

“The last thing on your mind as a college student is doing laundry. So when it gets around to doing it, you have huge piles of it,” said Ryan.

Those piles of laundry have plenty of company going round and round in the only laundromat in town.

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The Laundry Lounge also offers discounts for customers who’ve had to make the move from their closed-up laundromat.