By Frank Luna

Watching the Kings/Heat game yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice the intensity our young team brought to the defending NBA Champions. Even when they were down with a few minutes to play, they literally willed their way back to force overtime.

In the first overtime, the Kings refused to back down and brought a defense intensity I hadn’t seen since the Doug Christie days. A few untimely turnovers in the second overtime sealed their fate and secured the bitter ‘moral victory’ we all hate.

But their efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed, if only to demonstrate their potential and what they need to bring every night.

Granted, all NBA teams usually bring their best effort against a defending champ, but does last nights game unmask the dirty secret that the Kings are slackers for most of their games?

Does this fall on the coach to get the best out of this under-performing team, or does the whole organization need an attitude adjustment?

Maybe new owners, either here or in Seattle, could turn this team around quicker than we think. Thoughts to ponder as I enjoy watching the replay of the Kings pummeling Orlando by 24 points today.


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