By Steve Large

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – A missing cell phone at an Elk Grove bowling alley turned into a dangerous game of detective for a college student who tracked down the alleged thief.

“It was a complete shocker. We thought it was some teenagers,” said Leora.

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She says her crime-fighting days are done after she used a GPS app to track down a thief who stole her cell phone from Pins N Strikes bowling alley.

“We downloaded the app on one of my friend’s phones and I never used it before. I didn’t even know how it really worked,” Leora said.

The app led her and her friends to an Elk Grove address.

“I was surprised he came to the door with a gun,” friend Emmanuel said.

Leora says the man had been sweet talking her at the bowling alley earlier.

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“I was just dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe that this was the same person,” said Leora. “I couldn’t believe he was so nice, charming, joking around. I couldn’t believe this was the same person. Now he has this gun.”

The man yelled to get off his property. Leora then called police, and says she’ll do that first next time.

“I think it’s important to definitely let the police do their job,” she said. “That (GPS) technology is super helpful, it is, but at the same time it’s important not to just go somewhere. It could have ended so much worse for us.”

Police ended up arresting both the man with the gun and the woman inside his home. They have since bailed out of jail.

“I think he’s a sociopath. That’s what I kept saying. That’s what I kept saying the whole night. I think he’s a sociopath,” said Leora.

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The couple is facing several charges including making threats with a deadly weapon.