The guys will all be at the Kings game tonight, and Don talks with the fellas about the events/games they’re all supposed to be involved in throughout the evening at the arena. We then hear about Don’s appointment with his hair stylist yesterday, and the soothing head massage he got from the hot girl at the salon. We also hear about another creepy listener, this time it’s a guy who thought Don was talking about him yesterday, who bombards all the guys with constant tweets on a regular basis.

After hearing a few really lame “Easter Bunny” promos, the guys discuss whether or not the Red Zone Channel will put NFL Sunday Ticket out of business, and Don tells us how he gets free stuff from DIRECT TV. We also hear about Justin Bieber collapsing onstage in London, and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman sticking it to Skip Bayless, before another Phone Scan, and then we get an in studio visit from comedian Jeff Garcia. Jeff, who will be performing at the Sacramento Punchline tonight and Saturday night, talks about being the voice of Sheen on Jimmy Neutron, working in radio early in his career, rants about his ex wife, and doing the Nickelodeon Cruises.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, movies that are coming out this weekend, and Joy Behar is leaving “The View.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!