Grant broadcast live from Sleep Train Arena today as the Sacramento Kings were preparing to take on the Phoenix Suns. With all of the uncertainty over the future of the Sacramento Kings, Grant decided to focus on the product on the court by discussing the team’s needs and by asking fans to call in and give their take on what they would change about the team. Grant also shared his take on Derrick Rose being medically cleared to play yet wanting to wait until he can dunk on his left foot to return, focusing on the amount of money he makes and his obligation to his teammates.

Bob Thomason, head coach of University of the Pacific’s basketball team, came on the show with Grant as he is getting ready to wrap up his the final season of his 25-year career at UOP.

Thomason talked about his greatest memories as UOP’s head coach, his plans after retiring and the advantages his team has had having a professional basketball team—the Kings—nearby.