We’re live at the Boxing Donkey!! The crew is out at the Donkey in Roseville for their annual St. Paddy’s Day Show! The day starts out exactly like every on-location show does, with technical difficulties, featuring Steve the engineer, who was also with us at the Bunny Ranch. Doni then calls over Sweaty Sean, who will be getting his head shaved for charity later. We then get an update on Doni and G.M. Steve’s relationship, and Craig goes into the crowd to interview the fine patrons who have come in to drink at 6am!

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Sweaty Sean’s wife Brooke then arrives with her assistant Britan, to shave Sean’s head, as well as the heads of other guys at the bar for the St. Baldick’s Foundation. Before the head shaving though, Don interviews Brooke, and plays the “Newleywed Game” with her and Sean, before the head shaving begins! Little Joe even gets in on it when Doni offers to donate $500!!

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We then get another visit from the great Paul Reiser! Paul, who is performing at the Napa Valley Opera House on March 23, talks with Doni about his first appearance on Johnny Carson, and the way he won him over. After Paul, we hear that Sean keeps a journal, and a dude beat his girlfriend up with a shake weight. As the 2nd wave of drinkers make their way into the bar, Sean manages to get himself dumped, which causes Don to send him into the bathroom to lick the floor. We also get a visit from Dustin, a former KHTK intern, and his girlfriend who has beautiful teeth.

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It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, TV reminders, box office releases this weekend, Forbes’ top 10 most influential celebrities of 2012, and a dude gets his junk sliced off by a peeler machine. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!