By Dave “Deuce” Mason

NEW YORK- On the eve of the NBA meeting that could decide the fate of the Kings future in Sacramento, Kings fans gathered at a New York City bar, “Public House,” to show support for the city’s fight to save the Kings.

Mike Tavares from the grassroots group, “Crown Downtown,” flew to New York City on Tuesday after receiving donations from fellow Kings fans via social media.

Tavares was joined by a group of Kings fans who live in New York City.

“I had to be here for this, and everyone here is originally from Sacramento,” Tavares said.

Social media has allowed fans from Sacramento and Seattle to express their feelings about the sale agreement between the Maloofs and the Hansen-Balmer group but it’s also allowed fans from across the country to connect.

Tavares didn’t have to book a hotel for his trip to New York because fellow Kings fan Matt Moore is allowing him to sleep on his floor.

Mooreoriginally from Auburnmoved to New York in 2007 but hasn’t lost touch with his passion for Sacramento.

“Sacramento fans have heart, and we’re not going to go down easy,” Moore said.

Moore and Tavares will be outside The St. Regis Hotel on Wednesday where Seattle and Sacramento will present to the NBA.

Sacramento City Councilmember Allen Warren and local Kings investors Phil Oates and Kevin Nagle were in attendance to show their support.

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