By Laura Cole

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A kindergartner with autism got on the right school bus but ended up at the wrong school, and it’s the way his mother found out about happened to her son that has her worked up.

“As a mother, in your mind, you’re always wondering, you know, is your son going to be safe at school?” said Gina Velez-Balay.

Tuesday morning, 6-year-old Trystan Hernandez ended up at Natomas Park Elementary and not Hight Elementary — two miles away.

“I just panicked. I wanted to just grab my purse and go and get him from the other school and take him home,” said Velez-Balay.

She says the way that she found out about the mix-up is what really upset her.

“I was just like ‘what?’ Why didn’t anybody call me instead of emailing me?'” said Velez-Balay.

She says the school district only emailed her about the incident.

“I actually wanted to bust somebody in the head,” said Velez-Balay.

A teacher at Natomas Park found Trystan in a classroom, so the district then took him back to his school.

The school district told CBS13 it is investigating what happened and says the bus driver was new to the route.

But that’s no excuse to a mother who wants answers and accountability.

“I don’t want another parent to go through what I went through that morning,” said Velez-Balay.

CBS13 asked the district what happened to this bus driver, and if the driver is still transporting children, but were told the district couldn’t comment.

However, the school district did say that since the incident it has been going over procedures with their bus drivers.


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