STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton neighborhood is on guard after a gold chain robber went after a mother and her baby earlier this week.

Gold chain thefts are nothing new in Stockton, but this latest robbery has neighbors outraged. About 50 people banded together to send a message after the gold chain attack.

“It scares me a lot. He could have killed me or baby,” said the victim, who wants to remain anonymous.

The mom was only a few feet from her home when a young robber attacked her and her 7-month-old baby for the gold chain around her neck.

“As soon as he flipped me on the ground, my baby got knocked over. She hit the concrete,” she said.

The crime sent shockwaves through the Weston Ranch neighborhood. The local Guardian Angels chapter is turning outrage into action by patrolling the block, on a mission to find the teen and raise awareness.

“We are going to stand up and get the neighborhood watch up and going nice and strong so this doesn’t happen again,” said Sean, a Guardian Angel.

Neighbors say they refuse to live in fear. One woman we spoke to wore gold jewelry head to toe.

“If I wear it, it’s because I choose to wear it and I’m not going to be afraid to wear it,” said neighbor Marguerite Johnston. “If I’m taking that risk, so be it,”

Stockton city council member Michael Tubbs praised the group for getting involved, and says this heinous crime shines the light on the need to prevent teens from becoming bad guys.

“Fifteen, 16-year-old kid, why wasn’t he in an after school program? Because there aren’t any. What are his grades like? I’m sure to fight crime we need more cops, but a more holistic approach.”

Dressed in red berets, the group met with the mom and plan on doing their own investigation of sorts. They will offer support until the teen who attacked the woman and her baby is found.

“I’m so thankful to them. I can walk with them in my community, my neighborhood; thank you,” said the victim.

The group patrolled last night as well and plan on being as visible as possible.