SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Boston Marathon bombings prompted security concerns at other similar events across the country, including the California International Marathon held in Sacramento.

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“It’s the last thing you expect or want to see,” said John Monsoor, California International Marathon spokesperson.

Now it’s a reality. Images from Boston are haunting race organizers here in Sacramento.

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“It has taken the innocence out of the event,” said Monsoor.

The marathon is seen as the premier race in Sacramento — attracting thousands from all over the world. But it seems runners might now worry about more than their race time.

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“It used to be and it has always been a test of courage and will power to run one of those, and now it begins to be something else on top of it,” said Monsoor.

During Thanksgiving morning, nearly 30,000 people gather near Sacramento State for the 10K and 5K runs. Security is light but this year’s Run To Feed The Hungry may look quite different.

“You never think this is going to happen. What are we supposed to have bomb sniffing dogs and high security?” organizer Rich Hanna said. “Hopefully that is not what it comes to, but after today everybody is going to be on high alert.”

“We can tighten things down considerably at the start and finish. This will limit access to spectators. It will certainly keep things safer,” Monsoor said.

However, along the route there is really nothing organizers can do.

“If someone is willing to do this, I don’t see how you can prevent it,” said Hanna.

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Other organizers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York have already started to make plans to increase security for upcoming events.