SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Although the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings no longer seem to be a threat, some fear the local Muslim community could be a target.

That anger, according to local Muslim leaders, is justified but shouldn’t be shown toward Muslim Americans.

The bombings claimed the lives of three people and maimed nearly 200 more, and we are learning from the suspects’ family that they were indeed Muslim — some saying they were Muslim extremists.

But local leaders want to reiterate that they are not connected to those extremists.

“We are American, who happen to be Muslims. We are far away from these kinds of acts, and we are mad as hell whether Muslim or Christian or Jew or others,” said Dr. Metwalli Amer, Salam Center co-founder.

While he says the center is on heightened alert, they haven’t necessarily done anything outwardly to make security tighter. Rather, everyone is aware of the events that happened in Boston and the possible backlash that could come along with them.

They see the backlash simply as not warranted and they will continue to be on heightened alert until everything calms down.

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