STOCKTON (CBS13) – Students and neighbors near Delta College are on edge after two brutal beatings near the campus Friday.

“You had a group of males that were going around and seemingly just targeting people to beat up,” a campus officer said.

The crimes occurred within just minutes of each other, and police say the attacks all happened during the day.

“I can’t believe they have the nerve to do it in public daylight,” one woman said.

Three men were brutally beaten in three separate incidents. Delta College police believe the same group committed the crimes, within blocks of each other.

“I wouldn’t know what I would do. I hope it wouldn’t happen when my kids are here,” said another woman.

Campus police say a man waiting for the bus at Pacific Avenue and Yokuts Avenues was jumped by at least five men who beat him until he passed out. Fifteen minutes later, a man riding his bike near Robinhood Drive and Claremont Avenue was attacked, police say. His eyes were swollen shut. Then, on campus, another man waiting for the bus was jumped.

“You kinda get used to it after awhile. Sad to say, but it happens all the time,” one student said.

Campus police showed up during the final beating and say the men involved scattered.

However, an officer was able to arrest one of the alleged suspects: 24-year-old Jeffrey Jenkins.

It has many on high alert, wondering if they could be the next victim — even on school grounds where they should feel safe.

“We are a campus that is very safe, one of the safest public locations in the city. However we don’t have a magic curtain around us,” a campus police officer said.

The beatings follow a week of other crimes that occurred on campus, ranging from robbery to sexual assault. While police believe the three beatings are all connected, they don’t think the crimes from earlier in the week on campus are related.

Campus police say they are working to put in extra security cameras as well as having more presence on campus.


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