SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Police and volunteers canvassed the Roseville neighborhood for the 59-year old woman who vanished.

It’s now day five and there is still no word on what happened to Susan Jacobson.

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Sunday was the first day 170 volunteers went out to search for clues. Volunteers searched the Sun City Golf course near Jacobson’s home, and outlining areas behind Woodcreek High School.

“It’s a very sizable area; it’s a couple miles,” Roseville police Det. Darin DeFreece.

“There’s a lot of creek and brush, and oak trees,” said Melody Neill.

Hiding within the brush could be possible clues.

“We’re looking for credit cards and possible clothing items, and just trying to see if anything is out of place,” said volunteer Thomas Wall.

Nevertheless, the case remains a mystery.

“I’m just looking anyplace somebody may have tried to hide somebody or something. If someone was trying to get rid of evidence they might throw it that way,” volunteer Vincent Neill said.

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Jacobson’s car was discovered in a Raley’s parking lot and her wallet was found nearby.

Jacobson’s husband says his wife was going out Wednesday morning to run errands, and it’s out of character for her to go missing.

“We’re just trying to logically search areas that are accessible by foot, that are in relatively close walking distance. We just have to close that loop,” said DeFreece.

“It’s scary; she’s just a little bit older than I am. It’s early on a Wednesday morning, it could have been anybody,” said Melody.

Melody doesn’t know the family, but when she heard they needed volunteers she wanted to help.

“We live nearby and we shop at the store they think she was taking from,” she said.

The search uncovered some possible areas police will further process, but — at this point — detectives say they’re open to all leads.

“I’m not going to comment on whether we think we’re looking for a deceased person or not because that could potentially not be the case, but we’re exploring everything,” said DeFreece.

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Most of the volunteers were co-workers of the husband. Police may conduct another search in the coming days if necessary.