There was no case of the Mondays for Grant today as he had plenty to talk about from the weekend. News broke since Grant’s Friday show that the Seattle group hoping to purchase the Kings increased their bid, and if the sale was denied this week then they would attempt to purchase 20 percent of the Kings with the Maloofs remaining as majority owners. Grant analyzed this new turn in the Kings saga and reiterated his confidence in the team staying in Sacramento.

Ken Belson of the New York Times joined Grant to discuss the article he wrote over the weekend regarding the sale of the Sacramento Kings. Belson didn’t expect a lot of dissension amongst the NBA Board of Governors when they vote on Wednesday and quoted sources saying they didn’t think the BOG was likely to vote against the 7-0 recommendation to keep the Kings in Sacramento. Belson discussed Hansen again increasing his bid and threatening to purchase 20 percent of the team if not allowed to purchase 65 percent of it, and Belson addressed possible legal actions that Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer could take if they are not allowed to purchase the team.

Michael McCann, legal analyst for Sports Illustrated, was on the show with Grant to talk about the Kings sale. McCann discussed Micky Arison’s leaked tweets, the NBA’s approach to the Maloofs if they deny their sale to the Hansen/Ballmer group, the seriousness to Hansen/Ballmer’s backup plan to purchase 20 percent of the Kings, the worst-case scenario that could take place after the BOG vote on Wednesday and the likelihood of Hansen/Ballmer seeking litigation against the NBA if they aren’t allowed to purchase the Kings.

Carl Landry, power forward for the Golden State Warriors, came on the show to talk about the Warriors’ playoff run. Landry talked about the experience of playing in the crazy atmosphere of Oracle Arena during the playoffs, the Warriors’ gameplan against the San Antonio Spurs for Game 5, what it’s like watching Stephen Curry emerge as a star and how he views starting versus coming off of the bench.


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