By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A group of high-school seniors booked a party bus for their prom but days before their big night, the limo company told them not everyone would fit in the bus.

When they couldn’t get their deposit back, they called Kurtis.

They say Starlite Limousine had them sign a contract but later changed the terms.

And we’ve learned, the person they say took their money, has a troubled past and is currently wanted!

Woodcreek High School Seniors, Judith Nwandu, Lexus McCoy and a friend tested out a party bus with Starlite Limousine for their senior ball.

“We looked at the 35 seater bus, and we decided it was a good fit for us,” said Judith.

They paid Starlite Limousine a $250 cash deposit in March. 17-year old Judith says she signed the contract.

“It asked how many people were going to be on this bus? And we said 35, we clearly wrote 35,” said Lexus.

They say they didn’t get a receipt. Instead they got a surprise, just days before their senior ball when they say Starlite Limousine told them, their bus was only a 30 seater, not 35.

Lexus’ mom called asking for a copy of the original contract.

And got this version, showing a “30 passenger” bus without Judith’s signature.

“That showed quite clear, this is not a company that’s acting right. They’re hiding something,” said Cindy Perez, Lexus’ mother.

We looked into Starlite Limousine and found out the manager, Jarett Chamizo, has a criminal past.

A DUI conviction in 2008.

His driver’s license has been suspended/revoked since 2010.

And just last November, while driving passengers in a limo bus in Napa County, he was cited for driving with a suspended license and failing to stop at a rail crossing.

He was then booked into jail on an outstanding warrant.

And we’ve learned right now, there’s another warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear in court for this Napa incident.

Cindy says Jarett refused to refund the girls’ $250 deposit and hung up on her.

“How dare you take this kind of money away from children? It’s very, very angering,” said Cindy.

But because Judith is 17 and only a minor, attorney Deborah Barron with Barrow Law Corporation says the limo company can’t enforce that contract.

“So that means, any deposit they’re holding is not their money, they have absolutely no right to keep it,” said Barron.

When our producer stopped by the company’s Sacramento location, no one was there.

Calling the company, a man who identified himself as “J” refused to answer her questions and told us to “go ahead and report what you want.”

Adding, “talk to my lawyer”… but he refused to provide the name.

Instead, telling her, “figure it out miss producer, have a nice day.”

The girls went with another limo company and the party went on as planned.

They plan to take Starlite Limousine to small claims court.

“It can only be a lesson learned,” said Judith.

“We’re showing other people what this company is doing, even if we don’t get the $250 back, we’re showing other people what this company is made of,” said Lexus.

Starlite Limousine also goes by Starlite Limo LLC and they have several addresses in Sacramento and Roseville.
They also have an “F” rating with the BBB.


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