By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — After Call Kurtis exposed a Sacramento limo company, we’ve obtained police dash cam video of one of its drivers getting busted.

We call on Kurtis Ming with the driver who now has a warrant out for his arrest.

The video shows the driver getting caught driving on a suspended license and tonight we’ve learned, the state is now investigating Starlite Limousine.

Officer: “What’s the deal with your license?”

Chamizo: “It’s… honestly, it’s suspended.”

You’re listening to Jarrett Chamizo of Starlite Limo, just before his November arrest, admitting to a Napa Valley Railroad Police officer, he’s driving on a suspended license and has an outstanding warrant.

Officer: “There might be a warrant out for your arrest so be prepared for that also too.”

Chamizo: “There is.”

Officer: “There is a warrant?

Chamizo: “Yeah.”

Officer: “Okay, what’s it for?”

Chamizo: “It’s a traffic thing.”

This police dash cam video shows Chamizo getting pulled over in his limo for failing to stop at a railroad crossing, while carrying 10 passengers.

A group of Woodcreek High School students say he’s the same guy who refused to refund their $250 deposit when days before their prom, they say he told them not everyone would fit in the bus.  It upset this mom.

“How dare you take this kind of money away from children?” asked Cindy Perez.

Our investigation uncovered the state cited Starlite Limo in 2011 saying it  “operated a vehicle with seating capacities outside the scope of its authority.”

And “engaged drivers without the proper or valid California driver’s license”

We also learned more about Chamizo’s past.

A DUI conviction in 2008…

His driver’s license has been suspended/revoked since 2010.

Which may be why he wasn’t so surprised when he was arrested in November.

Chamizo: “Going to jail?”

Officer: “Yeah.

Chamizo: “That’s what I figured.”

The 10 passengers stuck after Chamizo’s arrest in November had to find a new ride.

Officer: “Okay situation is the driver is going to jail, he has some warrants and he was driving unlicensed.”

Passenger: “Oh my God.”

The officer says Chamizo did refund at least some money to these passengers.

But the students are still waiting and are glad they used a different limo company for their prom.

“It can only be a lesson learned,” said Judith Nwandu, Woodcreek High School Senior.

After our first story aired, the kids tell us they got a text from the limo company, apologizing and offering a refund of their deposit.

Starlite Limo confirmed to us it plans to send them their $250 back.

The company also told me it never told these kids they could have a larger limo that seats 35.  They say it was always 30.

We’ve learned there’s another warrant out for Chamizo’s arrest after he failed to appear in court for the Napa incident.

Starlite did not respond to any of our questions about him, or the company’s record.


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