SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A former Sacramento County Sheriff’s parade horse is proving age is just a number as he celebrates his 40th birthday.

For a horse to live is almost unheard of. The fact Cancho is galloping around and rolling around in the dirt like a teenager is nearly unbelievable.

“We call him part of the gentlemen’s club, and although he’s 40 years old, he’s still spry and has this ornery little streak to him,” said Paris Frazier.

This veteran still pulls rank around the stables.

“I think he watches out for everybody and he’s the wisest of all,” Frazier said.

Cancho was bought for top dollar in the 1970s for almost $1,500, and used as a parade horse in the Sacramento Sheriff’s Posse.

The palomino-painted steed is said to have marched in numerous inaugural parades, including Ronald Reagan’s.

For his special day, he traded in his teeth-sensitive diet for some much deserved birthday treats, such as apples, carrots and a sugary carrot cake—the latter didn’t seem to be a hit with any of the party horses.


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