Wednesday on The Jason Ross Show we talk about some playoff basketball. There have been quit a few flops in this post season. We debate whether or not the league really even cares about all the flopping going on.

Play by play man Roxy Bernstein joins The Jason Ross Show to talk about the Bay Bridge Series and how different the energy has been with these games. He touches on the match up on the mound tonight and how the A’s are playing a better brand of baseball than the Giants.

The Giants and A’s are back at AT&T Park tonight. MLB Insider Jon Heyman tweeted: A shame the A’s and the Giants have to play these games at the coliseum white AT&T sits empty #shame. We asked listeners what they thought of his comments.

San Francisco Chronicle’s Vic Tafur joins The Jason Ross Show to update us on the Oakland Raiders and DJ Hayden’s surgery. He touches on Charles Woodson’s return to the Raiders and why he chose to come back to Oakland.

The Heat lost to the Pacers last night and the series is now tied at two. We debated and asked fans if Indiana will win the series?


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