SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People from all over the state are converging on the state capitol today for a health rally to fight proposed cuts to Medi-Cal.

The atmosphere at the capitol was lively, but participants had a very serious message for lawmakers.

The cuts being proposed by Governor Brown total $1 billion annually. The rally, which is organized by the coalition We Care for California, is fighting those cuts.

One local doctor says due to provider cuts, over the last couple of years her overhead has gone up, but her reimbursements have not. As a result, says she might not be able to take as many Medi-Cal patients.

“Expect an influx of more Medi-Cal patients that need insured,” said Dr. Ruth Haskins with We Care for California. “This is the worst time in the world to decrease reimbursement, which will decrease access to Medi-Cal patients.”

These cuts included in Governor Brown’s budget were enacted in 2011, but have been held up in court until recently when a federal court allowed the cuts to stand. If these thousands of people out here have anything to say about it, those will not stand.

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