CARMICHAEL (CBS13) – Four people are in custody after a car crashed into a Carmichael apartment overnight, causing major damage.

The car drove through wall of the apartment on Mensch Court where a family of five was sleeping. Witnesses say they heard the sound of screeching tires and a loud bang.

“Last night they were here and they were just having fun, and the next thing you know they’re inside of our house,” said resident T.J. Mullinax.

The family was shaken, but says they are happy everyone is safe.

“Had it been the night before, my son would be dead right now,” said Lisa Gregory. “Because he was on the floor right there and the couch would have gone over him.”

All four people in the car were under the influence of alcohol and drugs, according to a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson.

The car did not have license plates. Police haven’t said whether it was stolen.