By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A local girl with cerebral palsy is determined to cross the finish line with help from her dad.

The two are training for the Sacramento International Triathlon on June 30 at Discovery Park.

It’s the kind of heavy lifting Dad doesn’t mind a bit.

“Let’s get you all strapped up and ready to rock ‘n’ roll.”

After all, this is father-daughter time that’s beyond special.

Folsom dad Dane Schweitzer and Olivia are hitting the road to prove physical limitations are no obstacles.

Eight-year-old Olivia has cerebral palsy. She also has a goal of finish her first triathlon.

“It’s a race about swimming, biking and running.”

Dad knows. It’s a race in which he’ll be beaming with pride.

“Probably better than finishing any race I’ve ever accomplished.”

The toughest part? Other than transferring Olivia from each stage of the race, it’s Dad’s nearly mile-long swim while pulling Olivia along in a kayak.

“Out of the kayak, I will carry her from the kayak up the river embankment and over to the bike transition area.”

Olivia won’t just go along for the ride. She’ll pedal her way for a quarter-mile. Then, she shows us how her race will end.

She’ll walk across that finish line.

Before Olivia and her dad both take off, though, they need their rest. After all, tomorrow is another day of training without limitations.”