By Nick Janes

MAGALIA (CSB13) — Investigators say a 72-year-old man shot three people and burned their bodies in a stolen car from Sacramento.

The bodies were discovered a week ago in Magalia inside a burning car. Deputies say the three people came from the Sacramento to meet Clark for reasons the investigators won’t reveal.

A 15-minute walk down a steep, rocky driveway leads to where Don Clark lived—in a shack, surrounded by piles of trash.

Neighbor Jason Burns describes Clark’s unique living arrangement.

“Kinda lives off the grid and does his recycling and has his own way about him,” he said.

But Clark wasn’t completely off the grid. The 72-year-old is well known in this remote part of Butte County as a generally nice guy who does volunteer work.

John Clark says his neighbor was like a father to him.

“He was such an upstanding man in many ways in this community,” John Clark said.

But he also had an angry streak. When asked why Don Clark would do it, John Clark responded, “He’s taking the law into his own hands. He probably felt like an enforcer.”

It’s hard for neighbors to imagine how a slight 72-year-old who liked spending his time helping people, could be pushed to the point of murder.

Deputies believe they’ve uncovered a possible motive, but won’t say what it is.

The coroner is waiting on positive DNA identification to release the names and ages of the victims.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact Det. Matt Calkins with the Butte County Sheriff’s Office at (530) 538-7671.

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