SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A memorial was held Sunday for the three murder victims found in a burned out car in Butte County.

“They just didn’t deserve what this man did to them like this,” said Felishia Moore.

Moore’s son Richard Jones was remembered Sunday by those who loved and cared about him most.

Friends and family pray for strength while waiting for answers as to why 72-year-old Don Clark allegedly shot and killed 17-year-old Jones, his best friend 15-year-old Roland Lowe and Roland’s mother Colleen.

“The monster who did it deserves to die,” said Moore.

She says her son lived in Chico on land that neighbors Clark.

“We knew the man that did this to my son really well,” said Moore.”He didn’t have electricity or a phone, or nothing. He didn’t have electricity, a loner a hoarder that’s it.”

Moore says Colleen and Roland gave her son a ride to Chico from Sacramento and that’s the last anyone heard from them.

“He was going back up there to go to school and I don’t know what happened from there, why it led to this” said Moore.

Roland’s stepfather Bruce Cook says he was a typical teen, and everyone knew of Roland’s love for his mother.

How their final drive together ended in their murders may never be answered. But for now, loved ones pray for justice to be served.

“Roland and Richard hung out with each other every day, every day, and they were best friends,” said Cook.

“It’s devastating what he did to them. It’s an evil man. I just can’t believe this happened to them like this,” said Moore.

Those who know the 72-year-old suspect told CBS13 Clark is generally a nice guy who does volunteer work, but also has an angry streak.


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