By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Multiple agencies, including the FBI, took part in SWAT training on Wednesday and CBS13 was in on the action.

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Dealing with people hell-bent on killing Americans has changed recently from the Connecticut school shootings to the Boston Marathon bombings.

Local and FBI SWAT officers prepare for the next big event.

“The FBI pretty much coordinated this for 22 agencies in the area,” said Michelle Gigante with Sacramento Police.

Those agencies hope to get an edge on domestic terrorism.

Being physically fit is important.

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“But it’s more than that,” said Brian Jones with the FBI. “It’s the ability to make sound decisions under stress.”

There’s the stress of saving a wounded officer, or trying to figure out who is a hostage and who is the real bad guy.

They gave CBS13 an up-close and personal experience when they allowed me to play the role of a desperate husband, the victim of a home invasion robbery with a wife being held hostage.

The pretend scenario ended with everyone getting out alive, including my fake wife.

But what about the unusual, such as a potential suicide bomber in a crowded mall?

SWAT teams are now preparing for that person.

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Law enforcement officials say this training is really valuable, but they hope they don’t have to use it in real life.