SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Delyla Morn’s dream is to be a popstar, and the 9-year-old isn’t letting cancer stop her.

The Make-A-Wish foundation made her dream come true on Friday in a day that culminated with a performance at Cesar Chavez Plaza during the Concerts In the Park series.

Delyla walked the red carpet with her bodyguard in tow.

“It felt like they loved me.”

She’s no doubt the cutest celebrity in town. Delyla’s ready to take center stage at Concerts In The Park to sing Justin Bieber’s “Pray.”

“It’s about people going through hard times and stuff.”

And she understands what that means far too well for her age. Last year she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer.

“It’s hard, but I still have to go through it because my mom and dad strengthen me.

So the Make-A-Wish foundation made her dream come true, giving her the full pop-star treatment.

She had her own press conference, signed autographs, posed for pictures and was even interviewed on the radio.

But the surprise started with a limo ride.

“I was like, ‘A limo?’”

And just like any celebrity, Delyla’s ready to perform. A 9-year-old well beyond her years with a spirit and a zest for life few could ever match.

Next month her dream continues in Los Angeles where she will go to record a song.


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