With Offer From "The Big Easy", Evans Meets With Kings

By Sean Stanfield – KHTK, Sports 1140

SACRAMENTO (KHTK Sports 1140) – Before there was “Boogie” there was “ROY”, “Tyrific”, and a ton of excitement about a guard from Memphis with a freakish ability to breakdown defenders and score the ball.  That was then.

Three coaches and four years later Tyreke Evans has improved from beyond the arch (39%) and field goal percentage (48%) while learning how to adjust to what being a Sacramento King (and Kings fan) has largely been about in recent years, uncertainty.

“Tyreke! You’re a shooting guard!”

“No!” You’re a point guard!”

“Wait! You’re a…!”

You get the picture.  We’ve all witnessed it.

Not to be lost in his speedy rise to NBA stardom (remember how fast he was caught driving in his shiny Mercedes on I80?) is that he’s taken much of the criticism of his lack of NBA “polish” in stride, growing into a quality teammate, fan favorite and member of the Sacramento community.

So here we are at the beginning of NBA free agency.  Evans doesn’t attract the attention of his big man from Kentucky. Doesn’t rock the headband with that same swagger.  May never be the one to hit the “dagger” from behind the line, but… for that special year when he took Sacramento Kings’ fans out of their chairs to cheer on a fete only few others had achieved (20.1 pts, 5.3 rebounds, 5.8 assists per game) Tyreke was “Tyrific”.

Now, he appears to be in for a terrific deal. Either to stay, or to go.

After reports of the newly named New Orleans Pelicans reaching a proposed 4-year, 44 million dollar offer for the restricted free agent, the Sacramento Kings have had their turn with their (still) young PG/SG/Small Forward.

USA Today’s Sam Amick Tweets:

“He likes it in Sacto.” Really? It seems that way Sam, undeservedly so or not.

Now it’s up to the new brass as to whether or not Tyreke will move forward with another coach, a new owner, general manager and a new hope for this once shining Cap City Kingdom.

It appears as though it could cost them a Kings ransom.

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