Keith and Dave kicked things off by debating the value that Monta Ellis would have to the Sacramento Kings after hearing that the Kings were aggressively pursuing the former Bucks and Warriors guard. Dave then made his push for the team to re-sign Metta World Peace now that he’s in the twilight of his career.

After the Kings talk, the guys knocked around free agent signings around the NBA and gave their thoughts on whether each deal was good or bad for each team.

In the next segment, they hit the Five Big Questions before moving on to some talk about Colin Kaepernick and the misstep he committed by wearing a Miami Dolphins hat in public.

After resetting the show, all four members of the team gave “Three Up/Three Down” for the day.

The show wrapped up with Nate giving the rundown of Keith and Dave’s mistakes (such as too much celebrity name-dropping, letting a segment drag on too long, or trying to make themselves sound more awesome than they really are). Dave narrowly edged Keith with one more misstep, with the deciding vote coming when Dave unironically referred to himself as a “foodie”.


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