DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis Police have arrested a couple on charges after an indecent exposure incident caused a juvenile to fall off his bike.

Police say the woman flashed kids at a Davis park as they rode by on their bikes, while her alleged accomplice captured it all on camera.

UPDATE: Couple Accused Of Davis Flashing Are State Employees 

The early-morning sun wasn’t the only thing people were exposed to on Wednesday along a popular Davis bike trail.

Police say as wheels turned, Nicholas Bowen, 61, captured images of Wenyi Xu, 30, wore nothing but a jacket and a smile—opening up both to people as they rode past her. The incident took place around 9:30 a.m.

“I’ve never heard of anything like that in Davis before,” one woman told CBS 13.

Police say the unexpected peep show had a specific target audience—juveniles. One boy even fell off his bike when he saw the nude woman.

“It appears that she would expose herself, becoming nude, to the victims,” said Davis Police Lt. Tom Waltz. “What makes this more disturbing is they were targeting juveniles.”

When a city parks worker saw the two in action, he called police, who arrested them for indecent exposure, annoying a child and engaging in lewd acts in public.

While some residents found the incident amusing, police aren’t laughing. They also said that this may not be the only occurrence of the lewd act as the female suspect is from Folsom, the man is from Grizzly Flats, and they may have performed this flash-and-dash act elsewhere.

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