By Tony Lopez

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A cow broke free from her trailer in South Sacramento and went on the run with her calf for a part of the journey.

She was on the run on a lazy summer afternoon in a mobile home park.

“I got off the bus and I thought I saw a horse walking down the street, and it was a cow.”

“He just started jettin’ across the street. I thought he was going to get hit by a car.”

Well, he turned out to be a she. A bovine that busted a move—a 1,000-pound rush down 47th Avenue, then into a residential area.

One person who tried to stop it got cow-abunga’d.

“He just ransacked him, and hit him in the chest and he flew and landed on the ground.”

He wasn’t seriously hurt, but people were udderly stunned. After all, this is off of Stockton Boulevard—not exactly farm country.

And the cow wasn’t exactly alone.

“Well, we discovered that a citizen had happened to corral this cow’s calf.”

The outing was a family affair that turned ugly when Mama lost track of her baby.

“I believe the cow was panicked, because she lost her calf, and was just trying to find safety.”

What she found was the ground—corralled and hardly calm.

But as her head banged, rescuers put theirs together to bring the calf to her. She had no beef with that plan.

A mooving reunion of a bovine beauty and her wide-eyed calf.


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