By Kurtis Ming

Fair Oaks (CBS13) — For Ray Bauer, there’s really no better feeling than climbing into his Ford truck.

He’s spent a fair amount of money on his truck, customizing it for years. Whiter, brighter headlights were an easy tune-up — or so he thought.

Despite the company HIDXenonKitLights offering a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, Bauer said the new ones he bought online aren’t what he expected.

“The passenger side headlight just doesn’t work,” he said.

The company stopped responding to him, he said, so he called Kurtis.

The guarantee is the reason Bauer bought from the company — and we’ve learned there are dozens like him waiting for the company to honor its word.

With family and friends in Nevada, Bauer spends a lot of time on the road — that’s why he spent more than $130 last year to get the HID headlights — which boast higher visibility in the dark.

Bauer said most of the time. just one side turns on, leaving the road darker than with his old headlights.

He says the company won’t return his calls or emails to replace them.

“Obviously they don’t seem to care,” he said.

We’ve learned the address here on its website, doesn’t really exist.

The North Carolina street exists, but nothing by the number listed.

The BBB said that’s why it hasn’t been able to help resolve more than 70 complaints it’s received nationally.

“I just simply want to end up having headlights that work,” he said.

“This is a serious safety problem,” said consumer attorney Ian Barlow.

He said even if the company can’t be found, it could still be sued.

A judge could order the business that hosts this company’s website to turn over the owner’s contact information, so they may not hide for long from customers.

“If somebody’s driving their car and their headlight goes out, there are some serious implications to that,” he said.

The company eventually emailed us back, saying, “Feel free to ask all of your questions here and we’ll answer them,” but they never responded again.

Bauer plans to buy another headlight kit from a more reputable company.

“Other customers should be aware this company may not deliver,” he said.

The company also lists a Canadian address in a Montreal business office, but the building told CBS13 it had no record of this company being there.


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