Keith and Dave kicked off the show by talking about A-Rod’s suspension and MLB’s attempt to “clean up” the game.

The guys also talked about about the Biogenisis scandal and how MLB should accept some blame for the PED issues. Dave believes MLB should be punished just as much as Alex Rodriguez.

Keith and Dave talked about the controversy surrounding the Johnny Manziel investigation.

Tueaday’s Five BIG questions:
1. Alex Rodriguez was booed in Chicago during his return. Will A-Rod get booed at Yankee Stadium on Friday? And sum up A-Rod’s career in one-word.
2. Was yesterday a good or bad day for major league baseball?
3. If you could choose ONE team from NFL history to watch on HardKnocks, what team would it be?
4. Raiders draft pick DJ Hayden will NOT play in the preseason opener against Dallas on Friday. Should Raider Nation be concerned?
5.’s David Aldridge rated all 30 NBA teams offseasons’ and ranked the Kings number 10.

Which NBA team had the best offseason? Do the Kings deserve to be in the top 10?

Mark McGwire said he regrets using PEDs and Dave feels for Big Mac.

Time to put on your GM hat..If you could pick one QB, RB, and WR…Who would you take? Keith, Dave, Nate, Mike D and callers debate.

Carmichael Dave was the biggest loser with most red cards of the day.


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