ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Sharon and Morrie Schlesinger have quite the oasis in front of their Roseville home. You’ll find all sorts of flowers and plants, but the one things missing is green grass.

They got rid of it as part of the city of Roseville’s Cash For Grass program.

Homeowners who took part in the program say not only did they city pay them to do it, they say the savings each month are pretty impressive.

Lisa Brown says with water worries in the future, Roseville is offering people up to $1,000 to scrap their thirsty lawn for a more effective approach.

“Reducing water use in the landscape is a great benefit to water agencies.”

The city took a look at Sharon’s yard before and after she added mulch and efficient drippers and then cut her a check.

The program also saves her money on her monthly water bill.

“It’s probably at least $60 a month.”

She says their vegetative venue brings new birds and squirrels by to say hello, and some familiar faces too.

“We’ve also learned more about our neighbors. They come by and talk now, and talk about the plants, and come up and look at the plants, so it’s done a multitude of things for us.”