By Cambi Brown

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — A man is on a mission to stop yoga classes at a children’s camp that he says are too hot for kids.

Images like this are what make Gursant Singh nervous about the Yogi Bhajan group coming to teach children yoga in Yuba City.

“A lot of these tantric yoga moves are with a man and a woman who aren’t married looking into each other’s eyes, and they’ll also be touching.”

He says tantra yoga is known for encouraging sexual desire.

And while the kids won’t practice these types of moves, Singh says their young minds are vulnerable, and this camps could encourage this behavior in the future.

“There’s this undertone of sexual practices.”

Singh knows firsthand. He says he was a party of a group he now calls a cult for almost three decades. He says these phallic pictures drawn by Yogi Bhajan in 1989 show what this group is really promoting.

“We are not stopping this. It’s a good event. We want children to participate and to have the camp here.

Members of the Sikh temple in Yuba City say the group is filled with good people.

“They came in the past, gave education to the kids. It’s a good sport. I see nothing wrong with that.”

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