SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new innovation from one of the Sacramento Kings owners could help turn the new arena into one of the greatest in the world.

He is Andy Miller, and he is a member of the group that saved the Kings from heading to Seattle.

But while he grew up a Boston Celtics fan, his love affair with the purple and black began once he moved to California.

“My kids and I had to pick a team, so we looked around, we started to study the Kings, watch them on TV and actually follow the fans on social media. That is what really made us fall in love.”

Miller is more than just an investor, he has been put in charge of all technology for the new Kings ownership group.

“Vivek put me in charge of the technology committee which is even more intimidating.”

WATCH: Raw Interview With Andy Miller

But Vivek Ranadive knew Miller was up to the challenge. Andy is president of one of the most intriguing tech companies in the world—Leap Motion.

The Leap Motion controller is about the size of a pack of gum and you put it in front of your computer.

“You can play games, hard core games, casual games—Fruit Ninja, Cut The Rope—you can study molecules in 3-D. You can make music.”

How do you use Leap Motion with the Kings?

“Not sure yet, we have a lot of plans with the new stadium and even the existing stadium to allow fans to reach out and touch content. So we are working on some app ideas with the Kings.”

Teams from Major League Baseball and the NFL are already asking for Andy’s help.

“Instead of using touch screens to interact in the air to allow them to order food, pull up statistics and to rewind video. So we are working on all kinds of ideas.”

And while he wouldn’t reveal much about the new arena, he promises Sacramento will love it.

“I couldn’t stop giggling, I was so happy when I am looking at these drawing they are beautiful. They are iconic.”

But what about when the Celtics come to town?

“I get that asked all the time, it is easy now, because they are horrible but it’s Kings all day without a doubt.”


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