The guys kicked off Friday morning’s show with the “Morning After” going over the highlights from Thursday night including Torri Hunter’s walk-off HR against the A’s.

Friday’s FIVE big questions:
1. Who will be Oakland’s starting QB? Who should it be?
2. What is ONE reason why A’s fans should still be feeling optimistic?
3. Kevin Mawae says NFL settlement is hush money. What do you think about his comments?
4. What is YOUR must-watch college football game over the weekend?
5. Should “The Stick” host one more Giants game before it closes down?

Raiders legend Tim Brown joined Keith and Dave to talk about the upcoming NFL season, Johnny Manziel and why it would be bittersweet for him to enter the Hall of Fame now. He thinks Pryor should start at QB because of the offensive line issues and his ability to move. Brown also says it’s about a long-term plan and the Raiders are still 3-5 years away.


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