By Tony Lopez

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A business in South Sacramento is bucking the trend—renting videos the old school way on VHS and DVDs—and they say business is steady and strong.

Nowadays when it’s time to pick out a movie on the computer, people can just click to see a flick.

But let’s go back in time and see how we used to do it—or just to South Sacramento in the present at Awesome Video.

Head tilted, scanning the titles, we’d look and pick something out. Maybe ready from the box, a little about the storyline.

“Ah it’s the story of a cook at IHOP—‘The Egg and I.’”

It’s actually about a guy who buys a chicken farm.

We might find a classic we never knew existed.

“Who knew Cheech and Chong had an animated movie? That is smokin’ hot.”

Well, business is smoking at Awesome Video—aptly named because it is kind of amazing to find a brick and mortar video rental place still thriving with dedicated customers.

“It’s awesome, I love it,” said Cassie Rumble. “There are people who come in every weekend. You get to know each other and what people like. It’s a really personal experience, totally.”

That’s why these sisters are regulars.

“It’s just really nice to come in and fish around to see what you might want to watch tonight,” said Berit Brewer-Bakken.

With personal service and selection.

“I really like that you can walk in and there is a section for Korean drama.”

Loyal customers say this independent video store has one of the best hard-to-find selections available.

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