By Cambi Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A computer glitch at the Employment Development Department is creating a backlog for unemployed Californians, leaving some waiting for a check nearly two weeks later.

Thousands of people are struggling to pay their bills, and no one knows when the checks will come in .

EDD tells people to expect 10 days to get their unemployment money. But thousands say those 10 days have come and gone, and they’re still waiting.

“And then the next day it didn’t come. And then the next day it didn’t come.”

Victoria Ford says she’s waited 10 days for her unemployment money to arrive, and so has her landlord. Friday is the day for her to come up with her rent.

“I’m terrified,” she says. “I have no idea where I’m going to go.”

Facing eviction, she’s also had to put off buying her diabetes medication.

“I’m living hand-to-mouth. I never thought I would be in this position at 58.”

She’s not alone: 28,000 people will likely get their unemployment checks later than usual. EDD is blaming a glitch in the new computer system they put into place on Labor Day.

“There are going to be some transitions you have to work through,” said spokeswoman Loree Levy. “We always tell them to allow 10 days for payment.”

But it’s been 10 days for Victoria, and still no money.

“Who knows when I’m going to get my check?”

Massachusetts also switched to the same computer system and has had problems with it for two months.


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