DAVIS (CBS13) — Investigators say they have a gruesome murder confession in the slaying of an elderly Davis couple at the hands of a 16-year-old boy.

Friends and family members searching for answers were forced to listen to how their loved ones, Chip Northup and Claudia Maupin, died.

In Friday’s preliminary hearing, investigators say 16-year-old Daniel Marsh admitted to stabbing the couple to death.

“He stated that he wore a black mask and black pilot’s jacket.” said one investigator, going on to say Marsh admitted to breaking into the couple’s home through a window, watching the couple sleep, then attacking the couple in bed.

According to other testimony, both were stabbed more than 60 times each. Claudia begged him to stop as she died. Prosecutors say Marsh confessed to then mutilating their bodies.

Neighbors living near the couple’s home were both saddened and shocked.

Investigators also testified Marsh confessed that, before the murders, he wandered the street looking for any victim.

“[Marsh] said he was surprised that Davis did a good job of securing their residences.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Investigators told the court Marsh conceded he had plans to kill again.

“He said next time he thought about wandering around Davis and planned on [beating someone] with a bat.”

A judge ruled on Friday that there was enough evidence to continue the case against Marsh. He is being charged as an adult, and will be back in court at the end of the month.


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