By Ron Jones

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A popular English teacher in Roseville is accused of buying drugs from a student.

Roseville Police arrested Amy Davidson, a teacher at Oakmont High School. They say she still had the prescription painkillers on her at the time of her arrest.

Investigators say Davidson secretly got the drugs from a student. Somehow a school resource officer found out, and Davidson was arrested on the job.

“It’s a good example of how prescription drug abuse has really gotten out of hand,” said Roseville Police officer Dee Dee Gunther.

Principal Rob Hasty says he supports the investigation, but is asking everyone not to rush to judgment.

“It’s a sad day,” he said. “You never want to find yourself in a situation when these type of allegations are going around.”

Some students say she’s very popular on campus, and are asking police through the Twitter hashtag #freedavidson to set her free.

Parents, on the other hand, are disappointed.

“They’re trying everything to get them out of the schools and now the teachers are doing it who knows,” said one parent.

The student in the case wasn’t arrested.

“The evidence suggests the teacher used the student to get the drugs, and that we consider the student a victim in this case, and we’re not recommending any charges against the student,” Gunther said.



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