By Cambi Brown

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — An elderly man with dementia who was hit and killed while crossing a busy street lived at a nearby senior living facility.

John Maykovich, 82, was at Eskaton Village for assisted living, meaning he could come and go as he pleased, even while suffering from dementia.

“Its a far cry from Alzheimer’s,” said spokesman Doug Elmets. “It’s not where you need to be in an area constantly monitored.”

While Maykovich would usually let someone know where he was going, he wasn’t required to.

“He had the freedom to walk in and around the community,” Elmets said. “They knew he was an active walker, so when he wasn’t there, they went to find him.”

Even though he has that level of freedom, it was the time of night that concerned his caregiver. She went to use the restroom, and when he wasn’t there, she assumed he went for a walk.

“It was not normal and that’s why they immediately went to find him,” Elmets said.

Caregivers think Maykovich either went through a back gate, or slid between the gate rungs.

Less than 20 minutes after his disappearance, he was found dead on Cypress Avenue after being hit by a car.

Neighbors say they aren’t surprised someone died on that stretch of road.

“It’s like a little highway right here,” said Tyrone Keon. “It’s pitch dark. There’s no lights, no sidewalk, so no lights on that side.”


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