SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Just outside Capitol Mall on Sunday, the Sacramento Kings rallied their supporters with a big thank you and tried to raise money for several charities.

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“We got new ownership, new players and, most important, the team is here,” said Henry Turner.

As the Kings hit the court, they could say they’re home. It was only a couple months ago that the team’s home was up in the air.

“It brings the spirit back to Sacramento,” Kings fan Maya Walters said.

The Rhythm ‘N Rims game downtown raised money for 14 nonprofits. It was also a way to spread purple fever and to thank fans for putting up with a whirlwind.

The brand new arena will be a few blocks away from the event’s makeshift court, and the renderings, according to management, show that it will be both an indoor and outdoor arena.

“We like the indoor-outdoor field as everybody knows, and it’s nice to be downtown,” said Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger.

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Former Kings favorite Doug Christie likes the idea of getting an open-air arena.

“I haven’t seen the new plans, but playing outside sounds like a good idea,” said Christie. “I wish I was 33 instead of 43.”

The team asked the community for it’s arena ideas. While thousands contributed, the team’s president says they’re plans are not yet pinpointed. The team’s ownership is pretty picky.

“We want something iconic. We want something that’s uniquely Sacramento,” said Granger.

The new coaching staff feels the arena, which should open in October 2016, will help with recruiting. However, Christie wouldn’t mind keeping it old school.

“Arco Arena, to me, is awesome. They can spruce it up, throw some lipstick on it. It’ll look great in my opinion, but the new players want something that’s up to date,” said Christie.

With a whole new staff and a pending new place to play, the Kings are already selling new tickets and leading the league in sales.

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As for the game, it was a hard fought scrimmage, but the white shirts beat the black shirts 64 to 62 in overtime.