By Cambi Brown

LINCOLN (CBS13) – A gun-toting grandmother shot a bullet through her door, narrowly missing a Lincoln police officer who was only checking on her.

The 96-year-old isn’t facing any charges after admitting she fired her pistol. CBS13 spoke to the woman who says she needed to shoot.

Queen Turner and her daughter, Alzenia, are able to laugh about what happened now, but on Thursday night it was a very scary situation.

“I was scared. I thought they were going to take me out of here or do something to me,” said Queen.

Queen says she thought the person knocking on her door was an intruder. And that’s why she picked up her gun.

“I thought, “well, I’ll get my gun and scare them off,’” she said.

But in reality, it was a Lincoln police officer on the other side of the door. Alzenia called police when she couldn’t get her mom to unlock her bedroom door and didn’t hear any movement for almost an hour.

“It never dawned on me that she’d turn Annie Oakley,” said Alzenia.

Alzenia and the officer were waiting by the door, trying to get Queen to come out.

“I stepped back and bam she shot through the door,” said Alzenia.

The bullet narrowly missed the two. The officer called for backup officers who surrounded the home just in case she fired another round. Officers eventually convinced Queen to come out of her bedroom. They then rushed her to a hospital as a precaution.

Police decided not to charge the Queen because she suffers from dementia. She’s now back home with her daughter who says she knew her mom had a gun, but hadn’t used it in almost 80 years.

“She don’t take no stuff, I’ll tell you that. She don’t take nothing from nobody,” said Alzenia.

Lincoln police have the gun, and Queen says she will never fire it again.


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