A disturbing delivery showed up at an elderly woman’s home in the form of a letter, including a living will, saying Obamacare will kill her.

The letter was from Virginia-based American Life League, a group claiming to be the largest grassroots, Catholic, pro-life organization.

Addressed to Sid’s 89-year-old mother, the letter begins “You have a target on your back,” and continues to slam the Affordable Care Act as “The culture of death.”

“Death panels for the elderly or infirm are in the wings, waiting for you to arrive,” the letter states. “The way to save costs under Obamacare will be euthanasia of the elderly.”

The letter also asks for donations from $35 to $500 to help defeat the healthcare law, and includes documents for a living will and changing power of attorney.

Sid says regardless of how you feel politically, passages like “It starts with abortions for the young. It ends with abortions for the old,” cross the line.

“It’s addressed to old people, and not everybody has the facility to make a good decision on something this scary,” he said.

CBS13 got in touch with the American Life League. Co-founder and President Judie Brown sent us a statement that said in part, “The letter is not inaccurate and inflammatory. It is more than possible that many seniors will be denied the care they need based on a cost-ration analysis.”

Sid says the letter was nothing more than propaganda, and that his mom wasn’t interested and wanted to throw it out.

The American Life League says they’re actually trying to protect the elderly.

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