By Cambi Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 10-year-old genius is gaining national attention after impressing crowds on The Queen Latifah Show on Friday.

Tanishq Abraham and his sister Tiara, 7, are both members of Mensa and go to college, to the surprise of their classmates.

“They’re usually surprised, but then sometimes ask me for help,” Tanishq Abraham said in an appearance that aired Friday.

Both kids are taking a spanish class at American River College.

“I don’t think about being smarter than other kids, I just so my work,” he said.

Tanisq says he realized how smart he was in kindergarten.

“I wanted to learn things that were more advanced,” he said.

He likes astronomy, something even NASA’s noticed by publishing some of his articles to its website.

When we gave Tanishq an astronomy quiz with 20 questions, CBS13’s Cambi Brown only got two right. He only missed two.

With his intelligence, you sometimes forget he’s only 10 years old, but Mom says he’s a typical kid who fights with his sister.

“I have to give them timeouts.”

Tanishq wants to either be a scientist or president when he grows up.

“I really want to help out this world, so one way of doing that is becoming a president.”

Something he already has a celebrity endorsement for from Queen Latifah.



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