CALAVERAS COUNTY (CBS13) — The deaths of twin brothers during a power outage has been deemed suspicious according to a search warrant issued at the home.

Joshua and Ryan Hall, both 22, died on Nov. 12. The twins suffered from muscular dystrophy and could only live with the help of breathing machines. A power outage occurred in the area that day.

A respiratory therapist discovered that the twins were in trouble and told Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies it was clear that the twins weren’t getting enough air.

That therapist said the twins’ mother, Julia Hall, was visibly intoxicated and told her that the breathing machine alarms had beeped for three days.

Detectives are investigating whether the twins’ mother caused the deaths.

“It all boils down to if there was any intent, and it now all relies on the evidence,” said Sheriff Gary Kuntz.

The breathing machines are still being analyzed to see if they malfunctioned.

“We are not ruling out anything, but until I get hard facts and more proof, then I’ll be able to act on that,” he said.

It could take weeks to determine if what first looked like a tragic event may turn into a criminal case.

This wouldn’t be the first alcohol-related incident for Julia Hall.

Court documents she was busted for driving under the influence this past summer. In July, Calaveras County placed the twins in health care facilities.

“Julia Hall is no longer able to care for her son, due to continuous alcoholic relapses,” according to court documents.

But between that statement and their Nov. 12 deaths, the county released the twins into her care. The agency behind that decision wouldn’t answer CBS13’s questions about why they were released to her.


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