SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local comic book store owner won’t be saying “yabba-dabba doo” any time soon after thieves stole his “stone age” sedan over the weekend.

Dave Downey, owner of World’s Best Comics in Sacramento, was the proud owner of a replica of a car from the cartoon “The Flintstones”, that is, until thieves walked off with it. He says the car was parked in front of his Watt Avenue store on Friday, but when he drove past the store on Sunday, he noticed the car was missing.

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Downey says the car, which is actually a raft, has wheels made of airtight metal drums.

“It doesn’t roll. It was meant to float on water,” said Downey.

And it’s bulky and weighs over 200 pounds, so more than one person most likely carried it over to the parking lot and loaded it on the back of a truck.

“It’s heavy…I can lift one end myself,” he said.

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Just a couple of weeks ago, the car’s owners came to Downey asking if he wanted the vehicle, which had apparently been used in a water parade.

“They had it in their backyard and asked if I wanted it,” said Downey.

So Downey did what any other cartoon enthusiast did. Instead of letting the raft become a real-life fossil, Downey put it out in the open for all to climb on and enjoy – until some thieves came along.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the car is asked to call Downey at 916-973-8973 or email him at He’s offering “a six-pack of Cactus Cooler for its safe return. No questions asked.”

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